More on User Accounts and Collection of Information

The Personal Information you provide is used to register a User Account which you can access on a computer or mobile
device(s) and synchronize your Content across those devices.  As well, your username or registered e-mail address can
be used to interact with other users through the Service or share on social networks.  We may also draw upon Personal
Information you provide us in order to adapt the Services of our community to your needs, to improve the Service, to research the effectiveness of our network and Services, and to develop new tools for the pageQlip Services and user community.

You may be asked to provide certain categories of personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, date of birth and other contact information depending on the services you engage, including location, social media or third party subscription based services. You do not need to use these features nor provide this information if you do not want to engage those capabilities of the Service. However, some of the features do require the collection of information. As such, by not supplying your information, you may not be able to fully engage in all of the services that pageQlip offers.

If you subscribe to paid services, you may be asked to provide credit card or other payment information. If you choose to share any Content, we may ask you to provide additional information, such as a valid e-mail address, the username and password of the third party website you will share the Content through. The information you provide us with enables us to provide, customize, and enhance the services we provide to you.
Some of your Personal Information, such as your username or device location may become public through your use of our Services such as social sharing on third party networks, or using location aware attributes of selected content.  This information may be used in full or in part to provide the Services which are at your request, and the data we may collect will enable us to customize and enhance the services we provide, and to enable you to manage and use your content in a meaningful way.
Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, and to the Terms of Use, will be considered as your consent for our collection, use and disclosure of the personal information as described and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


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