How to Qlip Content

We have two different ways for you to qlip content. Before getting started, please ensure you are signed in to your account to install the bookmarklet or plugins.

From your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

Use the pageQlip share extension for iOS 8.


IMG_5384              IMG_5383

First you need to enable the pageQlip share feature.

Open Safari.

Tap the share button.

Swipe across the row with the coloured icons. Tap More. Enable pageQlip. Tap Done.

Now, next time you read something you would like to use later in mobile Safari, just choose the share button, and select the pageQlip option. Done!

Send to pageQlip from your mobile browser via email


mail-symbol-grey-th   Send a link via email to [email protected] from your pageQlip registered email address. Please ensure the link is in the body of the email, with no additional text.

From your desktop:

Our browser friendly bookmarklet.

Drag the “+ pageQlip” browser bookmarklet up to your computer’s browser bookmark bar. + pageQlip

Install our Browser Plugin

Click on your browser icon to install our pageQlip plugin.