About pageQlip

pageQlip is a mobile software solution that helps consumers use what they read, at a more convenient place or time.  A Toronto based startup,  launched the first version of our mobile application in early 2014.

Founded by Jennifer McKay and Michael McKay, pageQlip was built to solve a problem we encounter on a regular basis.  It is one thing to save articles to read later.  It’s another to try to remember where you saved them or why.  With pageQlip you can add personal context to remind yourself where or when you want to use the information you have discovered online.  With pageQlip, the content you discover becomes useful.

Use pageQlip to save content to your smartphone, or view your “Qlips” online via our website. By setting personalized location or time alerts associated with a Qlip, you now have a way to use that information when it is convenient to you.

pageQlip Team

Jennifer McKay    Co-Founder & CEO

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Michael McKay   Co-Founder & COO



Kelly John Rose

Senior Software Architect

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