More on How We May Disclose Information

When you choose to use a feature of pageQlip that requires disclosure of your information, we will consider this your consent to the disclosure. For example, when you authorize or request a third-party web client or application to contact you or via the pageQlip service to receive updates, alerts, offers or notifications associated with your Content, or when you want to post a message to a third party network, or share via e-mail.

It will only be the necessary and limited information you consent to provide that we will disclose such as your username, or simply a location enabled marketing offer requiring your e-mail address to validate the offer or service you have requested.

Sharing Information and Content:

You acknowledge that any shared or publically posted Content, or public profile you provide, may be subject to third-party search engine aggregation, caching, or statistical data mining, and is outside the responsibility and ability for pageQlip to control.

When you submit content through the [email protected] feature you will be sending information through e-mail from your registered e-mail address and you understand that e-mail is neither secure nor confidential and accept that some of your personal information may become publically known.

We may collect some of your interactions as aggregate data and use it to improve or provide additional commercial services and offers to the pageQlip community.   We may also use limited personal information to customize the advertising you receive through pageQlip.

You may manage how you receive offers and advertising through your operating system and your privacy settings, or by simply not engaging certain features such as time or location alerts associated with your content. You will have to activate your preferences and notifications such as location settings to be able to use the features.

There are a few exceptions as to how your personal information may be disclosed as described in the following:


Law and Harm:

Notwithstanding provisions found in our Privacy Policy, we may preserve or disclose your information
without your consent to organizations that have a lawful requirement to receive it and or if we believe
that it is reasonably necessary to:

  1. (i) comply with a law, regulation or legal request;
  2. (ii) to protect the safety of any person;
  3. (iii) to address fraud, security or technical issues; or
  4. (iv) to protect pageQlip’s rights or property.

Business Transfers:
In the event that pageQlip is involved in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or sale of assets, your Personal Information, de-identified data, and Content may be sold, or transferred as part of that transaction.  The commitments in this Privacy Policy will apply to your information as transferred to the new entity.

Non-Personal Information:
We may share or disclose your non-private, aggregated or otherwise, non-personal information, such as the number
of other users who clicked on a particular link you have shared or who have collected similar content.


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