More on How We or Third Parties Collect Information

Some of pageQlip features require you interact with technical sources outside of pageQlip’s control, such as the web pages you visit online, or the third party networks where you might share your information.  When doing so, your interactions and activity are most likely monitored for analysis by those content providers and you should understand the terms of service and privacy policies of those websites when visiting them. Such information may be collected by using cookies or other technologies.
pageQlip uses cookie technologies to better understand how our technology and services are usedCookies are small files stored on your device or hard drive that assist us and these content providers in providing customized services; for example, using cookies allows us to reduce the frequency with which you will need to enter your username or synchronize your information to multiple devices. Most Internet browsers and mobile operating systems automatically accept cookies and, in some cases, certain functionalities are only feasible through the use of a cookie.  You may manage their use through your operating system; however, you may not be able to use certain features of pageQlip unless you accept cookies.

It is also possible that the websites you visit in order to submit Content to pageQlip have cookies and other technologies embedded in their websites, and may form part of your Content.  pageQlip does not control the use of cookie technology of third party websites and you are responsible for understanding their use when accessing third party websites and content.

Internet Based Marketing and Advertising

Some of the information that can be collected in the context of your online behaviour and advertising include:  Internet Protocol (IP) addresses; pages visited (on a single website or across sites); length of time spent on pages; advertisements viewed; articles read; purchases made; search terms or other information entered on a site; user preferences such as language and web browser type; and operating system. Geographical location can also be extracted through IP addresses (on the web) or the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) when using mobile communications devices.

Information We Receive from Third Parties

We receive and store information from third parties that interact in some way with pageQlip.  For example, if you have “qlipped” an advertisement for a new watch and elect to receive an offer from the watch company through pageQlip, we may store certain interactions through the service such as the time, location, and recurrences of the offers or notifications from such a company, and store it as data.

Please read the privacy policy of any such third party applications or services so that you understand their
privacy policy and how they may manage the information they have collected from you.

We also may use third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics, which collect information automatically about visitor traffic on our website or mobile application.

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